On January - February 2012 I was teaching Jewelry-Making Classes at Tucson Electric Park with Jewelry Tools (a company with great choice of jewelry-making tools).

Fay Ybarra and Jan Davis was learning Bead Embroidery technique making beautiful White Night Pendant. Jan's mind is as sharp as a needle. It helps her to make a perfect job.

Fay could be Miss Jewelry-Making Student 2012 ...if we had this kind of Contest...

Celia Partridge made the most popular jewelry piece in this season -  Princess Pendant.

Rosemary Fleming came from Canada for making ... of course Princess Pendant!!! She has a pretty smile.

I had the famous Chain Maille Lady Lauren Andersen as a student at my class!!!
Kathy Rebro is my returning student.

Kathy took my class last year.

Lauren is a talented designer, good teacher and nice person.

Martha De Velasco is a very experienced lady, she can do perfect job.
She made a Golden Pendant learning Bead Embroidery technique.

Another famous lady - Jodi Bombardier. Jodi took an advanced level class creating a Topaz Bracelet Cuff.